Food, foraging, fraternity, fun…

Post by Antonio Dixon

I had the pleasure of receiving a birthday gift of a cooking demo by the inspiring chef Paul Iskov. Paul works out of South West WA. He makes trips to the Pilbara and forages with Indigenous Australian communities for the bush ingredients that he then prepares in some of the most interesting food I have tasted.

I had to own a copy of  Fervor,  A journey through Australian Native Food and now we are distributing it here 

It's an inspiring book, not only for its fab recipes but also for Pauls' deep respect for the lands traditional owners, their culture and sustainable practices.

With all of this in mind, I had to start somewhere with a trial recipe. I had so much fun… and the result was simple and beautiful.

Oysters with finger lime dressing.


or you can watch it on our YouTube Channel

Paul is currently working on Dining Experiences in WA and you can read more about it in Fabric Quaterly